Anonymous said:
Thanks for doing the extended text shadow tutorial! I finally know how to do that again. I'm kinda relearning how to use photoshop cuz I switched to Ps cs6 (I used to use ps cs3). And I'm pretty sure I was the one who requested for this tutorial (if not I was one of the ones who asked)! Stay strong and I hope your leg heals fast. :)

i’m so glad i could help you! and yes you were one of the people who requested me haha and thank you!! i hope so too lmao

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Artwork of Stefan Sagmeister.

Anonymous said:
that extended text tutorial was so helpful, i had no idea it was that simple so thank you! i was just wondering, what font did you use in the tutorial?

i’m so glad you think so!! i used axis :)

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Anonymous said:
i hope your leg feels better soon clara!

thank you honey!!!

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Once you’ve accepted your flaws no one can use them against you.
— (via usinq)

guess who’s fucking dumb and broke their leg today by falling in front of the whole class
hint: me

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Extended text shadow tutorial: requested by anonymous

I’ve received lots of messages asking me how to make shadows like these, wich is extremely easy, so here it is:

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u can’t spell disappointment without men


Tony Ward Fall-Winter  2014