u can’t spell disappointment without men


Tony Ward Fall-Winter  2014

for the record i kept all the tutorial requests on my inbox (i have no time for anything right now but i promise i’ll answer them) :)

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Anonymous said:
omg now we're best friends i totally am pissed on the fact that they're dating. we all know lydia is way too prettier than malia and malia is kinda tomboy and weird. why was she even put in the 4th season the 3rd season didn't really focused on her. ugh


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Anonymous said:
are you on team stydia or stalia?

stydia i hate malia

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boom clap the sound of my ass


Does she bring a drill with her?

her water bottles have straws that are somehow drilled through the caps.

perhaps they’re just customized…..some people only like straws.

perhaps it is a security measure to keep anyone from touching it.